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Founded in 2012 by Kevin Green and Shaun MacIsaac, Greenway Realty Inc. began with the vision of building a full service development company to service the housing needs of retirees, baby boomers, and seniors. Based out of Charlottetown, PEI, the company has grown to own and manage more than 200 senior friendly rental units across three Greenway Garden Home Communities in Cornwall, Stratford and Summerside, with land and approvals to continue expanding for years to come.

Our company is focused on providing an exceptional living environment that offers seniors and baby boomers peace of mind, while also ensuring investors’ funds are managed responsibly.

Greenway has constructed approximately 40 units per year over the past three years and continues to seek and find strategic development opportunities in key locations to add to the portfolio of real estate investments. Investors benefit from peace of mind knowing they are safely invested in well managed newly constructed properties.

Real estate is always a great investment. Investors in Greenway developments get the added benefit of having a passive investment that offers the security and stability of real estate investing, without the day to day management concerns.

If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities in future Greenway developments, please reach out to Kevin Green at

A Friend of the Environment – The actions we take, and plans we put in place today are of upmost importance to tomorrow’s clean air, water and soil. Greenway projects are built on the principal of leveraging Green technologies and best practices to provide our clients an economical residence built to executive quality; and with the added value and peace of mind in knowing they are doing their part to prepare for the generations of tomorrow.

Riverview Terrace
Cornwall PEI

Riverview Terrace – Cornwall

Southside Greens
Stratford PEI

Riverview Terrace – Cornwall

Greener Properties
Summerside PEI

Riverview Terrace – Cornwall