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Founded in 2012 by Kevin Green and Shaun MacIsaac, Greenway Realty started with the vision of being a full service development company built to service the needs of retirees, baby boomers, and seniors. Based out of Charlottetown, PEI, the company has grown to own and manage more than 200 senior friendly rental units across three Greenway Garden Home Communities in Cornwall, Stratford and Summerside, with land and approvals to continue expanding for years to come.

Greenway Garden Homes

Greenway Garden Homes are more than just homes – they are communities.

Built with the needs of today’s retirees in mind, Greenway Garden Home Communities aim to provide maintenance free peace of mind to all residents.

Accessibility and convenience are important to our residents. That’s why the majority of our homes are on one level, with no stairs or steps. They feature 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (tub and a walk in shower), as well as a garage with storage, and a large ground level deck with greenspace to enjoy and personalize. Frequent travelers benefit from on-site property managers who are happy to check on things while you are away.

Heat, air conditioning, appliances, snow removal, grass cutting, maintenance, and general repairs are included in the monthly rent – so residents have more time to enjoy life and the things that mean the most to them.

Get a new lease on life – in a Greenway Garden Home Community

Community Events

Building a sense of community is important to our company and to our residents.

Each community has a budget allocated towards community events. Community yard sales, open houses, Christmas dances, summer socials, tea parties, card games, and pot luck dinners are encouraged and planned regularly.

You may already know someone that lives in a Greenway Garden Home Community. In one of our locations there are 3 different couples that lived on the same street 40 years ago, who then went their separate ways, and they now live on the same street again today – in newly constructed garden homes. Talk about a homecoming!

Areas of Focus

Construction and Acquisitions

The team at Greenway takes care of land acquisition, permit approvals, and construction of the developments. We also look for acquisitions of land and existing properties that fit within our area of focus. Specifically multi-unit properties in key locations that can have features and amenities that appeal to the senior friendly demographic.

Property Management

Greenway manages the leasing and day to day property management of all Greenway Garden Home Communities. We have on-site property managers to respond quickly to tenant concerns, as well as a full service office support staff to ensure things run smoothly. We have built excellent relationships with local service providers to assist us in maintaining the properties to a high level.

Real Estate Sales

Our sales approach offers solutions for people wanting to simplify the process of moving to a maintenance free lifestyle. Partnered with C21 Colonial Realty, our REALTOR® transition specialists are able to guide clients through the process of selling their home and moving to a new Greenway Garden Home, at no extra cost.

A Friend of the Environment

The actions we take, and plans we put in place today are of upmost importance to tomorrow’s clean air, water and soil. Greenway projects are built on the principal of leveraging Green technologies and best practices to provide our clients an economical residence built to executive quality; and with the added value and peace of mind in knowing they are doing their part to prepare for the generations of tomorrow.

Riverview Terrace
Cornwall PEI

Riverview Terrace – Cornwall

Southside Greens
Stratford PEI

Riverview Terrace – Cornwall

Greener Properties
Summerside PEI

Riverview Terrace – Cornwall